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Any of our staff members would welcome the opportunity to talk with you about becoming a Christian and/or a member of our church. Feel free to email or call our pastor, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , if you would like to discuss your spiritual commitment. 

Membership is established in our church in any of the following ways:


1. By profession of faith in Christ as Savior and by requesting baptism. The mode of baptism administered by this church shall be immersion unless the candidate is physically unable to be immersed. In such cases the mode of baptism will be left to the pastor's discretion.


2. By the transfer of membership from another Baptist church.


3. By statement of a previous conversion experience and baptism. If the candidate is coming from another denomination, any question regarding the candidate's previous baptism shall be settled by the pastor in consultation with the candidate. We do not require a person to be rebaptized if they have received believer's baptism in another denomination even if it was administered by some method other than immersion.


4. In absentia. When the person desiring membership cannot be present for valid reasons, he or she may be presented by a family member or a close friend.


5. Watch Care. Designed for persons (such as students) who desire the fellowship and support of a church without moving their church letter (voting privileges do not come with watch care).


6. Associate Member. For persons who retain two homes and are in this area for only a part of the year; membership can be left at their home church and can, for the time in the local area, be a member at First Baptist Church (voting privileges do not come with associate membership).

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