Dec 20 - God With Us


Those who trust in God
are like Zion Mountain:
Nothing can move it, a rock-solid mountain
you can always depend on.
Mountains encircle Jerusalem,
and God encircles his people—
always has and always will.
The fist of the wicked
will never violate
What is due the righteous,
provoking wrongful violence.
Be good to your good people, God,
to those whose hearts are right!
God will round up the backsliders,
corral them with the incorrigibles.
Peace over Israel!
— Psalm 125 (MSG)


Living within an area surrounded by such beautiful mountains, the imagery used in this Psalm is close to home. Like these mountains, God is steady, strong, and present. Each day, we are enveloped in the presence of God. There are times in our lives in which we find ourselves amidst the mountaintops, presented with an opportunity to take a deep breath and appreciate the views. However, we are also met with times in which we are in the valleys, our eyes glued to the ground beneath us. When we find ourselves in the valley, it is much more difficult to see the opportunity we’ve been presented. In our society, we are consistently shown that the mountaintops are where the powerful reside; they are what we’re meant to strive towards. So, at the first sight of rock bottom, we find ourselves running, doing our best to scramble out and find those beautiful views we love so much, the views that allow others to admire us from beneath. But goodness, what we miss! It is in these valleys that we are given the opportunity to be still by the running rivers and take time to gather all of the strength and knowledge needed to climb again.

        Whether we are amidst the mountaintops or in the valley, we only need trust and know that God is right there with us. God’s peace, love, and comfort like no other will never leave nor forsake us. It is through our dependence on Him that we are given the gift of revolutionary love and comfort. Just as God is with us, we too are with others in these areas of our life and are called to share this love with them. Just as God is good to us, we must be good to others. And to ourselves. As Maya Angelou said, just as we are to know ourselves as God’s creation, we must also know everyone and everything else as God’s creation as well. Throughout this advent season and beyond, may we be present, steady, and strong in our own life and in the lives of others. May we take a deep breath, enjoy the view, whether that view be the treetops or the creek beds, and give thanks that God is doing the same with us. Always.


Dear Lord, we thank you for your faithfulness and your sweet presence. We ask that you give us the ability to feel your love and the strength to give that love to those around us. Help us to bring glimpses of heaven earthward in all that we do, wherever we may be in life. Thank you. In your beloved name we pray, amen.


Hi! I’m Sierra Bevins, a senior at Carson-Newman and a member under watch care here at FBC Jefferson City. During this season of Advent, I am most looking forward to all of the sleep and Netflix binges I’ve missed out on during the past semester. Most importantly, though, I am so very excited to celebrate the birth of a savior who continuously saves us every single day.