Saturday, December 1st  9AM - 3PM 

Bethlehem Square Market in the First Baptist Church fellowship hall

Bethlehem Square is an annual event designed to bring the Christmas story into the heart of our seasonal gift-giving. This special market offers our community the opportunity to purchase gifts that reflect the values of our cherished Christmas story - values such as generosity, justice, charity, and compassion. Gift facilitators (vendors) located in our very community will provide wonderful products that meet one of three criteria: 

(a) Fair Trade, (b) Handcrafted/Handmade, (c) Locally-sourced

Gift facilitators

Vendors who would like to be a "Gift Facilitator" may submit an application no later than Monday, November 20th. 


When and where will Bethlehem Square take place?

Saturday, December 1st from 9am - 3pm in the Fellowship Hall of FBC Jefferson City.

What is Bethlehem Square?

Bethlehem Square is an opportunity for holiday shoppers to purchase gifts that reflect the Christmas values of peace and justice for all. All gifts available to purchase will be either Fair Trade certified or handcrafted and/or home-made items from local vendors.

Is Bethlehem Square a fundraiser?

Not primarily. Bethlehem Square is primarily designed to encourage purchases that support workers and encourage just and peaceful consumption of products. But, as a bonus, 10% of the profits of Bethlehem Square will be donated to the FBCJC Benevolence Fund.

Is Bethlehem Square a “flea market”?

Not exactly. Bethlehem Square will feature high-quality items, not left over items people are wishing to discard.

What types of items will be available to purchase?

We will have a variety of vendors, offering products varying from chocolate bars and coffee to jewelry and clothing to woodcarvings and artwork and more.

Will Bethlehem Square items be able to be purchased at any other time?

Products from Bethlehem Square will not be available to purchase at any other time through FBCJC, but information on the vendors will be provided to anyone who requests it.

Can anyone be a vendor at Bethlehem Square?

Yes, provided that you fill at a “Gift Facilitator Application” and agree to abide by the event policies. APPLICATION

When are applications due?

Gift Facilitator Applications are due by Monday, November 19th.

What if I have other questions?

Contact Dave McNeely at, 865.308.3142.