"Where I Can Serve" Survey

Your Church Advisory Council and Committee on Committees have partnered over the last several months to reconfigure FBC committees and teams. As has been noted, committee slots have been reduced, and certain committees have been changed to teams. Your participation in this survey is vital. It will help us better connect you with how you might best enjoy serving the Lord and your FBC faith community. Below you will find a description of Ministry Teams and Committees. While policy and operational committees remain, many vitally important roles have transitioned to teams, in part to foster innovation and flexibility. We hope the changes will foster excitement and new growth. Along with long-established Ministry Action Teams, the utilization of new teams will also encourage regular attendees to minister and serve, as committee roles are restricted to church members in accordance with FBC's by-laws.

If you would like to serve on a team or are interested in finding out more about a team, please check the appropriate box below each team. Check the ones on which you wish to serve or those you are prayerfully considering. We would appreciate having these surveys returned by Sunday, April 2.

Ministry Teams that Support the Worship and Fellowship of the Church
Name *
Flowers and Decoration Team (formerly a committee)
Works with staff to decorate sanctuary for worship services, including helping those providing memorials.
Kitchen and Fellowship Team (formerly a committee)
Works in concert with Food Service director to prepare and staff meals and receptions that support the ministry of the church, including keeping the kitchen clean and ready for health code inspections.
Music Team (formerly a committee)
Works with Minister of Music to help identify music leaders and plan special services.
Ordinance Team (formerly a committee)
Assists in preparing Communion elements, as well as helping with the logistics of baptismal services.
Senior Adult and Historical Team (formerly a committee)
Seeks to minister to senior adults and involve those constituents in ministerial opportunities; also works to maintain our church's history.
Children's Ministry Team (formerly a committee)
Works with the Minister to Children and Families to plan and implement programs.
Student Ministry Team (a combination of the former Youth and University Committees)
Works with the Minister to Youth and College to plan and implement programs.
Greeting Team (formerly the Welcome Committee)
Welcomes members and visitors on Sunday, especially those looking for Bible study classes and other locations.
Welcome Ministry Action Team
Welcomes first-time visitors in the welcome center in the foyer.
Ministry Teams that Support the Service of the Church to the Community
Mission, Evangelism, and International Ministry Team (a combination of two former committees)
Assists staff members in establishing programs to enhance outreach and evangelism, including special missions emphases, the promotion of missions and evangelism, and reaching out to the international community.
Tuesday's Neighbors Team (formerly a committee)
Utilizes selected Tuesday mornings to help local residents in need of financial assistance.
Wednesdays of Wonder (WOW)
Builds one-on-one relationships with elementary school children while helping them with homework, providing a snack, recreation, supper, plus offering music and missions education.
Transportation Ministry Action Team
Provides transportation to the elderly and others for medical appointment and at various other times.
Outreach Ministry Action Team
Ministers to recent visitors and prospects through outreach activities.
Stephen Ministry Team
Affiliated with the national organization of the same name, this group of trained laypersons provides confidential one-on-one care for people who are hurting.
Bereavement Team
Prepares the meal for church families who have lost a loved one when the funeral is in our area.
COMMITTEES that Conduct the Business of the Church
(Due to the nature of their areas of responsibility, committee membership is restricted to FBC church members.)
Budget and Finance Committee
Recommends an annual budget to the church and works to ensure the financial well-being of the church.
Children's Day Out Committee
Determines policies and approves personnel for the Children's Day Out Ministry.
Committee on Committees
Finds members willing to serve as leaders of ministry teams and/or members of committees.
Nominating Committee
Staffs all positions and finds leaders for Sunday Bible Study; enlists ushers, missions workers, and other leaders for various church ministries.
Personnel Committee
Administers all staff relations and recommends policies and procedures for all church employees.
Property and Transportation Committee
Oversees the maintenance of the building, grounds, equipment, and vehicles.
Stewardship Committee
Plans and conducts regular stewardship emphases in the church.
Tellers Committee
Works with church staff to keep records of all church receipts, including tallying and depositing various church offerings.

A Proposal Regarding Committees & Teams

Your Church Advisory Council and Committee on Committees have partnered over the last several months to reconfigure FBC committees and teams. Realizing that the number of committee positions almost equal the number of Sunday worshipers, we have reduced committee slots, along with certain committees. 

This structural change will be read for the second time, then discussed and voted on at our next Church Ministries meeting on Sunday, April 23, 2017 at 6:30 pm. Please pray in preparation of ways you can take part and connect with this exciting new endeavor, as you will soon be asked to take a survey gauging your interest(s) and seeking your valued input. 

While policy and operational committees remain, many vitally important service and ministry roles will transition to teams, in part to foster innovation and flexibility. New teams will also encourage regular attendees to minister and serve, as committee roles are restricted to church members in accordance with FBC's by-laws. 

Below is a list of the committees that are proposed to remain, and the committees that will be transitioned to teams. In addition, there is a document with the proposed by-laws changes. You will notice in the document the original text in black, original text that will be changed in red stricken through, and the updated text in red. 


Flower & Decorations

International Ministries

Tuesdays Neighbors


Missions & Evangelism



Preschool & Children's

Senior Adult & Historical

Student Ministries (youth & college)



Budget and Finance

Children's Day Out

Committee on Committees



Property & Transportation




Current Ministry Action Teams that could possibly transition to formal teams:

Welcome - those who welcome first time visitors in the welcome center in the foyer




The Challenge of Maintaining a Committee System at FBC

  1. Our committee system is too large for our size church. We currently have 156 committee spots with an average church attendance of 180. 
  2. Our committee system allows only church members to serve on a committee. Like every church, we have regular attenders who have not joined the church who are not allowed to serve on a committee. 
  3. The committee system requires a 3 year service term. For some people this might be too long of a commitment.  
  4. Lack of training over the years has left many committees without a true understanding of their role. Many of our committees do not meet, or meet once a year. Chairs often don’t know how to lead their committee. 

Our Proposed Solution

  1. To redefine what makes a committee. 
  2. To decrease the total number of committee spots to best fit our church’s size. 
  3. To incorporate a team based model, which allows non-members to serve and decreases the service term limit. 

Inclement Weather Policy

FBC WEATHER POLICY                                                       

For Wednesday Evening Services:                                      

On days of inclement weather, the staff will make a decision about our services by noon Wednesday (even if the public schools are cancelled). The decision will be posted on the "This Week" page on the church's website and the church's Facebook page. Only if Wednesday evening services are cancelled, will the cancellation also be broadcasted on WBIR TV 10. 

For Sunday Services:                                                         

On days of inclement weather, the staff will make a decision about Sunday worship services by 7 a.m.. The decision will be posted on the front page of the church's website and the church's Facebook page. Only if Sunday worship services are cancelled, will the cancellation also be broadcasted on WBIR TV 10. 

Church Directory & Advent Devotions


We've been working for some time on a new directory for our church members and regular attenders. Currently, we have an online directory that is available to those who have filled out a release form. We are one step closer to printing and making the new church directory available to our church members. A first draft copy of the directory will be located in each of the entrances of the sanctuary. As you enter or exit the church for worship, please find your family's information and confirm it is correct. If any information needs to be changed, please mark on the copy with the red pen. If there is any information you do not want published, please mark through it. The deadline to update your information is December 25. The printed directories will be available to pick up by January 1, 2017. 


First Baptist Church is producing an Advent Devotional written by our own people. The devotions will be made available on the church's website beginning November 27. We hope the devotional will inspire you and your family during this season of anticipation. 

Pastor Search Committee Update

Your Pastor Search Committee was commissioned on January 17, 2016. We have met forty four times since that date. The committee has gathered information for creating a community and congregational profile for any potential candidates. We have created a Pastor Profile Survey to gather information from the congregation. We also met individually with many members of the staff to gain their unique perspective of what our next pastor might look like. We have met with other churches that have recently gone through a search process. We have met with the Personnel Committee and the Church Advisory Council. We have also hosted four listening sessions for the church body to discuss church issues and provide input to the search committee. A website has been created for any potential candidates to use. On this page, there is a thirty page document put together by the committee about the church and community. This document also contains the compiled results of the 210 responses we received for the congregational survey. There is also a recommendation form for use by anyone wishing to recommend a candidate. We have received seventy nine recommendations and resumes to date. We are meeting weekly to discuss candidates and move them through our process. Although we cannot discuss specific candidates due to confidentiality concerns, we are encouraged with the quality of the candidates. We are still accepting resumes and will continue to do so until we have a new pastor. We continue to ask that you please pray for us during this process. 

The Pastor Search Committee,

Joan Barnhill, Julia Bass, Will Brummett, Ray Dalton, Donna Davenport, Joe Dobyns (chair), Don Garner, Shirley Herring, Kristi Snyder

Serving our Community & Neighbors

By Mary Ellen Darby

As a community shaped by the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, we are called to worship God, share the Good News, foster spiritual growth and meet the needs of hurting people.

Since the beginning of August our church family has been faithfully serving our community and neighbors. Faces of First Baptist Church have been preparing and serving meals to others. Take a look at the outreach events and the number served:

Fall Program Kick-Off (8/10) - 100 served                                                                     Carson-Newman Football Team (8/14) - 160 served                                                       Bereavement - 14 served                                                                                         International Student Lunch (8/19) - 80 served                                                           WOW on Wednesday - 20 served                                                                               Hotdog cookout for CNU Students (8/23) - 90 served                                        Baptist Collegiate Ministry Welcome Back Night (8/24) - 90 served                     Carson-Newman Welcome Back Picnic (8/28) - 90 students served    

Collecting this information and sharing it with our church is not meant to give ourselves a big pat on the back. Rather, it is to open our eyes to where people are serving and be an encouragement to future serving opportunities. These service opportunities represent a small area of our giving of time sacrifice. Each day members minister in our community through various opportunities. Thank you for answering God's call to service in your life. May we continue to be the face of Christ and face of First Baptist Church to our neighbors. Thanks be to God. 

Buy a Downtown Brick

By Linda Gass

Church Family, You have an opportunity to leave your footprint on our community.

The Mossy Creek Foundation is selling bricks to raise money in order to finish building Festival Park, a place that you can come bring your families, picnic, watch a concert, play on a playground, etc.
There are three ways that you can participate; purchase a Veteran’s Brick in honor or in memory of a family member or friend; purchase a Legacy Brick with your family’s names, grandparents names, anyone you wish to honor or remember; and if you own a business, you can purchase a Corporate Brick and have your company’s logo on the brick, showing your community support and providing permanent advertising.  Veteran and Legacy Bricks are $50 and $100, Corporate Bricks are $250. And of course if you wish to make a donation we would be happy to talk with you about that also.

There will be brochures for you to pick up from the holders in the halls, or you can contact Linda Gass at 856-356-6014, or any other Mossy Creek Foundation member, for more information.

Fundraising Brick Order Form

Standard Banner Article 

Youth Serve NYC

FRIDAY - YOUTH PACK & PRAY - 6:30 to 8:00 PM  - Fellowship Hall                                  The 12 youth and 6 adults will gather in the fellowship hall to pack all of the mission supplies and have a short prayer service. All youth, parents and adults are invited to pray with us as we commission our team to NYC. 

NYC MISSION TRIP - July 2 to 9 - 410 W. 40th Street New York, NY                                Metro Baptist Church is a small congregation serving the community of Hell's Kitchen in Manhattan. Each year they run a camp called C.L.U.E. Camp teaching children from 1st grade to 6th grade in the community. We will be serving in the Brooklyn community at Greater Restoration Baptist Church. 

SUNDAY - YOUTH DEBRIEF MISSION TRIP - July 10 from 6 to 8 PM  - Dobyn's Home         Taking the time to talk through our mission trip is so important for the team and for others in the church. Joe and Donna Dobyns will open up their back yard to allow for the team to talk through the mission experience. All youth and parents are welcome to join. This is a pot luck event and everyone should bring a lawn chair. 



Eric Hasha - Donna Dobyns - Joe Dobyns - Christine Jones - Hogan Brock - Kelsey Haun - Katelyn Haun - Kathryn Jones - Katherine Catlett - Rachel Bass - Eunji Choi - Kaitlyn Knight - Carly Dobyns - Sterling Evon - Trey Dobyns - Brian Ahn - Jace Mitcham - Thomas Brown

A Message from your Pastor Search Committee

Pastor Search Committee Sponsors Listening Sessions

The Pastor Search Committee appreciates all of the input from the survey.  We ended up with 210 surveys returned.  We have been reviewing all of the results and all of the written comments.  While we continue to search for our next pastor, we wanted to provide the opportunity for anyone to speak to the committee and open a dialog with the congregation.

We will be sponsoring some "Listening Sessions."  These will be informal discussions regarding our church and future pastor.  All sessions are currently scheduled to take place in the fellowship hall.  The sessions are spread out to try and provide everyone an opportunity to attend one of the sessions. We hope you will join us for one of these sessions. 

Sunday, June 12, 4:00 p.m.

Wednesday, June 29, 6:00 p.m. (childcare provided) 

Wednesday, July 13, 6:00 p.m. 

Sunday, July 17, 4:00 p.m. (childcare provided)


Hogan Brock - Summer Intern

First Baptist Church, Jefferson City has a long tradition of hiring interns to serve in our various ministries. We view ministerial internships as opportunities to allow young people explore their calling in ministry and to get their toes wet in church ministry. 

This summer, a FBC member, Hogan Brock will serve as our youth ministry intern. Hogan is a senior studying religion at Carson-Newman University. He is engaged to Rachel Clingenpeel, also a senior at CN. Hogan is active as a Faith and Justice Scholar, member of the Baptist Collegiate Ministry and served this past year as a Resident Assistant. His hometown is Rome, GA. 

We are excited to have Hogan serve this summer. He will attend the Celebration Singers Choir Tour, Passport Mission camp, and the New York mission trip. In addition to attending these trips he will also help with longterm youth ministry planning, leading devotions, building mentor relationships with our youth and assisting in visitations. 

         Rachel Clingenpeel & Hogan Brock

Hogan has been suffering with Crohn’s disease for over a year. Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory bowel disease, which causes inflammation of the lining of the digestive tract. Every few months Hogan has experienced abdominal pains sometimes sending him to the hospital. The past week has been especially difficult for him. This past week he went home to Rome, GA to have reparative surgery on his intestines. His doctor was able to remove a portion of his intestine that was causing the pain. Hopefully having this surgery will allow him a pain-free remission for the next ten years. 

As Hogan comes on board this summer we our church members will get to know him. Church members are encouraged to invite Hogan over for meals and fellowship. If you would like to get in touch with him you may do so through email - hsbrock40@gmail.com

Mossy Creek Baptist Church Cemetery

The church cemetery now has an informational sign. 

The church cemetery, located behind Sarah Swann Hall on the Carson-Newman campus now has an attractive sign that lists the names of all known persons buried there. It also has a short history of "our burial place" that dates from 1873. Take the time to walk through the cemetery grounds; it is very interesting. Four of our pastors are buried there, as well as several prominent pioneers in the community. 


Have you taken the time to familiarize yourself with the church’s mission statement? I like our statement because of its inclusiveness. It makes no difference if you are a young person, fresh on your faith journey, or a member who’s been worshipping in this church for decades, the mission statement is clear. We are all called because of how we’ve been changed in Jesus Christ. As a collective body “we are called to worship God, to share the Good News, to foster spiritual growth and to meet the needs of hurting people.”

Much prayer goes into the planning of the college ministry and youth ministry programs. This year I sensed God was calling our groups to go out and serve. A ministry that I value and have experience with is Metro Baptist Church in New York City. This small congregation actively serves the poor in their community year-round. They serve by feeding and clothing people in their community with their food pantry and clothes closet. They offer fresh food and food education through their rooftop garden, named the Hell’s Kitchen Farm Project. They provide a safe place for children and youth at their after-school program. They do all of these ministries and more, but they do not do it alone. They can’t do it alone. They are a small congregation that offers opportunities for other churches to walk alongside them in their ministry. First Baptist Church, Jefferson City, will walk alongside them this March with our college students and again this summer with our youth group.

I will travel with 7 college students to Metro Baptist Church from March 5-12, during the Carson-Newman Spring Break. As a group, we will participate in the church’s Urban Immersion experience. This experience offers our group the opportunity to serve and learn, and to reflect on mission and ministry in an urban city. This trip will be eye-opening for our college students who mostly come from rural to mid-size towns. This mission trip will also offer our students the opportunity to grow closer to understanding their own sense of calling and response to God's mission. We cannot go on this trip without some expenses. Our college students are only required to pay $200 for their trip. This will pay for some of the necessary expenses like transportation, lodging, the coordination by Metro Baptist, as well as some food expenses. We are asking for more assistance from the church to help pay for the meals and expenses that aren't covered. Donations can be turned into the church office labeled "College Mission Trip." We thank our church and covet your prayers as we serve in New York City.

Eric Hasha

Minister of Youth and College Students