Pastor Search Committee Update

Your Pastor Search Committee was commissioned on January 17, 2016. We have met forty four times since that date. The committee has gathered information for creating a community and congregational profile for any potential candidates. We have created a Pastor Profile Survey to gather information from the congregation. We also met individually with many members of the staff to gain their unique perspective of what our next pastor might look like. We have met with other churches that have recently gone through a search process. We have met with the Personnel Committee and the Church Advisory Council. We have also hosted four listening sessions for the church body to discuss church issues and provide input to the search committee. A website has been created for any potential candidates to use. On this page, there is a thirty page document put together by the committee about the church and community. This document also contains the compiled results of the 210 responses we received for the congregational survey. There is also a recommendation form for use by anyone wishing to recommend a candidate. We have received seventy nine recommendations and resumes to date. We are meeting weekly to discuss candidates and move them through our process. Although we cannot discuss specific candidates due to confidentiality concerns, we are encouraged with the quality of the candidates. We are still accepting resumes and will continue to do so until we have a new pastor. We continue to ask that you please pray for us during this process. 

The Pastor Search Committee,

Joan Barnhill, Julia Bass, Will Brummett, Ray Dalton, Donna Davenport, Joe Dobyns (chair), Don Garner, Shirley Herring, Kristi Snyder