A Proposal Regarding Committees & Teams

Your Church Advisory Council and Committee on Committees have partnered over the last several months to reconfigure FBC committees and teams. Realizing that the number of committee positions almost equal the number of Sunday worshipers, we have reduced committee slots, along with certain committees. 

This structural change will be read for the second time, then discussed and voted on at our next Church Ministries meeting on Sunday, April 23, 2017 at 6:30 pm. Please pray in preparation of ways you can take part and connect with this exciting new endeavor, as you will soon be asked to take a survey gauging your interest(s) and seeking your valued input. 

While policy and operational committees remain, many vitally important service and ministry roles will transition to teams, in part to foster innovation and flexibility. New teams will also encourage regular attendees to minister and serve, as committee roles are restricted to church members in accordance with FBC's by-laws. 

Below is a list of the committees that are proposed to remain, and the committees that will be transitioned to teams. In addition, there is a document with the proposed by-laws changes. You will notice in the document the original text in black, original text that will be changed in red stricken through, and the updated text in red. 


Flower & Decorations

International Ministries

Tuesdays Neighbors


Missions & Evangelism



Preschool & Children's

Senior Adult & Historical

Student Ministries (youth & college)



Budget and Finance

Children's Day Out

Committee on Committees



Property & Transportation




Current Ministry Action Teams that could possibly transition to formal teams:

Welcome - those who welcome first time visitors in the welcome center in the foyer




The Challenge of Maintaining a Committee System at FBC

  1. Our committee system is too large for our size church. We currently have 156 committee spots with an average church attendance of 180. 
  2. Our committee system allows only church members to serve on a committee. Like every church, we have regular attenders who have not joined the church who are not allowed to serve on a committee. 
  3. The committee system requires a 3 year service term. For some people this might be too long of a commitment.  
  4. Lack of training over the years has left many committees without a true understanding of their role. Many of our committees do not meet, or meet once a year. Chairs often don’t know how to lead their committee. 

Our Proposed Solution

  1. To redefine what makes a committee. 
  2. To decrease the total number of committee spots to best fit our church’s size. 
  3. To incorporate a team based model, which allows non-members to serve and decreases the service term limit.