"Where I Can Serve" Survey

Your Church Advisory Council and Committee on Committees have partnered over the last several months to reconfigure FBC committees and teams. As has been noted, committee slots have been reduced, and certain committees have been changed to teams. Your participation in this survey is vital. It will help us better connect you with how you might best enjoy serving the Lord and your FBC faith community. Below you will find a description of Ministry Teams and Committees. While policy and operational committees remain, many vitally important roles have transitioned to teams, in part to foster innovation and flexibility. We hope the changes will foster excitement and new growth. Along with long-established Ministry Action Teams, the utilization of new teams will also encourage regular attendees to minister and serve, as committee roles are restricted to church members in accordance with FBC's by-laws.

If you would like to serve on a team or are interested in finding out more about a team, please check the appropriate box below each team. Check the ones on which you wish to serve or those you are prayerfully considering. We would appreciate having these surveys returned by Sunday, April 2.

Ministry Teams that Support the Worship and Fellowship of the Church
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Flowers and Decoration Team (formerly a committee)
Works with staff to decorate sanctuary for worship services, including helping those providing memorials.
Kitchen and Fellowship Team (formerly a committee)
Works in concert with Food Service director to prepare and staff meals and receptions that support the ministry of the church, including keeping the kitchen clean and ready for health code inspections.
Music Team (formerly a committee)
Works with Minister of Music to help identify music leaders and plan special services.
Ordinance Team (formerly a committee)
Assists in preparing Communion elements, as well as helping with the logistics of baptismal services.
Senior Adult and Historical Team (formerly a committee)
Seeks to minister to senior adults and involve those constituents in ministerial opportunities; also works to maintain our church's history.
Children's Ministry Team (formerly a committee)
Works with the Minister to Children and Families to plan and implement programs.
Student Ministry Team (a combination of the former Youth and University Committees)
Works with the Minister to Youth and College to plan and implement programs.
Greeting Team (formerly the Welcome Committee)
Welcomes members and visitors on Sunday, especially those looking for Bible study classes and other locations.
Welcome Ministry Action Team
Welcomes first-time visitors in the welcome center in the foyer.
Ministry Teams that Support the Service of the Church to the Community
Mission, Evangelism, and International Ministry Team (a combination of two former committees)
Assists staff members in establishing programs to enhance outreach and evangelism, including special missions emphases, the promotion of missions and evangelism, and reaching out to the international community.
Tuesday's Neighbors Team (formerly a committee)
Utilizes selected Tuesday mornings to help local residents in need of financial assistance.
Wednesdays of Wonder (WOW)
Builds one-on-one relationships with elementary school children while helping them with homework, providing a snack, recreation, supper, plus offering music and missions education.
Transportation Ministry Action Team
Provides transportation to the elderly and others for medical appointment and at various other times.
Outreach Ministry Action Team
Ministers to recent visitors and prospects through outreach activities.
Stephen Ministry Team
Affiliated with the national organization of the same name, this group of trained laypersons provides confidential one-on-one care for people who are hurting.
Bereavement Team
Prepares the meal for church families who have lost a loved one when the funeral is in our area.
COMMITTEES that Conduct the Business of the Church
(Due to the nature of their areas of responsibility, committee membership is restricted to FBC church members.)
Budget and Finance Committee
Recommends an annual budget to the church and works to ensure the financial well-being of the church.
Children's Day Out Committee
Determines policies and approves personnel for the Children's Day Out Ministry.
Committee on Committees
Finds members willing to serve as leaders of ministry teams and/or members of committees.
Nominating Committee
Staffs all positions and finds leaders for Sunday Bible Study; enlists ushers, missions workers, and other leaders for various church ministries.
Personnel Committee
Administers all staff relations and recommends policies and procedures for all church employees.
Property and Transportation Committee
Oversees the maintenance of the building, grounds, equipment, and vehicles.
Stewardship Committee
Plans and conducts regular stewardship emphases in the church.
Tellers Committee
Works with church staff to keep records of all church receipts, including tallying and depositing various church offerings.