Youth Attend Passport Choices

By Sierra Bevins

After the 8:45 worship service on June 25th, fifteen youth and four adults travelled to Passport Choices camp in Greensboro, North Carolina. Upon arriving, they joined other church groups outside for games and mingling before unloading the van to move into their dorm rooms for the week. That evening, they attended an opening ceremony in which they were introduced to the theme song for the week and the staff, including Samuel U C Lian, who served as pastor for the week.

Many of the days throughout the week consisted of the same schedule. Everyone woke up for breakfast before doing a thirty-minute morning devotion. They then attended morning celebration, followed by bible study with their group, and then had a choice course time. Each of the youth was able to request a choice group that best reflected their interests and gifts, including: Grace Notes for those interested in leading worship in some capacity, Curtain Call, which catered to those with an interest in theatre, Huddle Up for those who enjoy playing games, Missions, where they served within the community, Color Palette, which allowed them to express their faith through imagery, and Five Things, which was limited to only high school juniors and seniors. Each day, the youth joined their choice group for lunch and various activities within that group. In addition to the youth’s participation, every chaperone also attended a choice group to assist the staff and youth.

The most impactful was definitely the night where we all gave our honest opinions of each other. It’s really hard for me to open up with others and I honestly have pretty low self-esteem so it was a great way to not only get close with others but also a big confidence boost.
— Jace Mitcham (completed 11th grader)

While this part of the day tended to look the same, evening schedules varied throughout the week. Every night consisted of dinner, worship, and church group devotion; however, there were also nightly parties that took place. After dinner on Monday evening, the youth participated in an outdoor rec party before attending worship. The rec party took place on the football field at Greensboro College. It was in the form of relay races and obstacle courses; the teams competing were comprised of the bible study groups that the youth belonged to. It was a fun and exciting way for the youth to both compete against one another and build camaraderie and relationships with the other groups attending camp. On Tuesday night, there was a costume dance party. The youth were encouraged to wear jerseys from their favorite sports teams. Thursday night was the variety show, which offered an opportunity for campers to showcase their talents and gifts on stage. Katherine Catlett, Reece Ratcliff, Rebekah Garber, and Katelyn Haun represented our youth group by performing a dance routine. While these nightly parties took place on campus among other church groups, Wednesday was a day set aside for time spent with individual youth groups off the Greensboro campus. Our youth and chaperones left after choice time on Wednesday afternoon and drove to the Greensboro Science Center to participate in Sky Wild, a ropes challenge course among the treetops. They then had dinner at CiCi’s Pizza before arriving back at campus in time for worship.

Every night throughout the week, there was a worship service. Each service consisted of a different message; however, it all reflected the theme of the week, Micah 6:8, which calls us to “Do Justice. Love Kindness. Walk Humbly” with God. Alongside the message brought by Samuel was also music and other various visual art that beautifully coincided with the week’s theme. A special aspect of worship was the opportunity that youth had to participate in various opportunities of leadership. Several youth from the church, including Ethan Bloomer, Rebekah Garber, Katherine Catlett, Conner Hawkins, Jacob Knight, and Rachel Bass, were participants in worship.

The youth had an amazing week at Passport and are looking forward to doing justice, loving kindness, and walking humbly with God throughout this year.