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Ministries - Sunday Bible Study
We have a very extensive Sunday Morning Bible Study Program to help you find a group that you can plug into.  Our Children's Bible Study Groups are set up by age or grade, and our Adult Bible Study Groups are set up in a way that we hope encourages freedom to find a group that feels like "home" to you.  With many different teaching styles, books, philosophies, and personalities, we hope you will take the chance to explore and find the group that truly helps you to grow.



Our Children's Sunday Bible Study Groups

  •  Babies and Creepers
  •  Toddlers and Two Year Olds
  •  Three Year Olds
  •  Four and Five Year Olds
  •  Kindergarteners
  •  First, Second, and Third Grade
  •  Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Grade


Youth Sunday Bible Study Groups

  • Seventh, Eighth and Ninth Grade
  • Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Grade


Adult Sunday Bible Study Groups

  • College:  We use guided discussion for Bible book study, topical, and current issues.  Room 301

  • Mosaic:  This class of adults in their 20s-40s uses group participation for topical discussion, current issues and Smyth & Helwys Bible Study Series. They seek to follow Christ in word and deed.  Members are committed to live by faith, be known by love, to encourage one another  and be a voice of hope by sharing Christ with others. 
  • Room 210

  • Encouragers:  This class of women and men in their 30s-60s uses group participation through questions and dialogue and the Smyth & Helwys Bible Study Series. They enjoy spending time together and caring for one another.
  • Room 103

  • Covenant:  This class of women and men, ages 40 and up, uses guided discussion. A bible book study or topical study is chosen by the class.  Room 201
  •  Toomey:  This class of women and men, ages 50s-80s, uses guided discussion and small or large groups, members are encouraged to share in discussions.They use Smyth & Helwys literature and are a very caring group. Room 104

  •  The Upper Room:  This class of women, ages 25 and up, uses guided discussion on Bible-based contemporary book studies by Christian writers.  All women, any age, are invited.  Room 304

  •  Guys Like Us:  This class for men, any age, uses guided discussion on Bible book studies or a topical study.
  •  Room 212 

  •  Agape:  This group of women, ages 60 and up, use discussion on the Smyth & Helwys literature.  Room 102
  • The Reverend James D. Dampier Mixed Adult Class:  This group of men and women, ages 50s to 70s, uses lecture, guided discussion, open forum, and question and answer for Bible basic guide to biblical studies, doctrinal issues, current church and Christian concerns.  Room 103

  •  Koinonia:  This group of women and men, ages 40 and up, uses lecture style with members encouraged to ask questions and share opinions.  The class decides study materials focusing on how faith enables us to cope with everyday problems.  The teacher prepares handouts for each topic.  Room 302
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