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Get to Know Us - How to Become a Member
We are extremely excited that you are considering visiting First Baptist Church! Whether you are from the local area or are visiting, we want your worship experience to be an unforgettable one. We enjoy having visitors and hope you will come and feel very welcome here.  In that spirit, we felt it might help to give you a little bit of information before you get here.



Child Care


First Baptist Church has an excellent preschool ministry. We offer Sunday School classes for all ages and have an extended session program to watch your children until they begin kindergarten. One of our Children's Coordinators, is normally standing right inside the east entrance, next to our Children's Area, and will be glad to assist you in finding the class for your child.  





We have special visitor parking in the side parking lot, near the front of the church.  There is also a covered drive that you can use.  If you have children and would prefer to park closer to our children's area, there is a parking lot on the east side, with a longer walkway that goes directly into the area in which one of our Children's Coordinators, will be there to help you and your children.




You may enter our building through the front doors, the side entrance with the awning-covered drive, or the entrance on the east side of our building. We have greeters at those entrances on Sunday mornings who would be glad to assist you in finding your way around.  Our elevator is located just inside the awning-covered side entrance. 



We look forward to seeing you soon!
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